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I had a dream the other night about a crow prince who had been estranged from his crow king father who lived in a castle, and had to go home after a lot of adventures to try and repair his relationship with his father. He brought his two companions, a stellar’s jay who was a brilliant strategist and a flying squirrel who could actually fly, but they were taken away to be locked in a separate room while the king met with his son

I think though that all the creatures could turn into people or take semi-human form though…like sometimes they WERE big crows and jays but sometimes they were people …it was interesting

Night of 9-11-14

Dreamed about a city by the ocean. It was very modern, borderline futuristic, but there were still magical forces at work (gods and creatures and forces of nature that people acknowledged as an intrinsic part of the world as much as phones and cars).

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OOOH man I had the BEST dream last night that I was with a group of people and we were all sleeping in this swamp… except it wasnt hot or buggy it was very Peaceful and in the autumn. We were all on like air mattresses all done up with cozy sheets and blankets…and I knew I could sleep as much and as long as I liked and it was so snug and safe

Home!swamp I guess

Night of 9-8-14

I had a dream last night that Death was a tall, tall man all in black and a long coat who looked like he’d been sleeping under bridges for a week. He walked with a slump so that he wouldn’t seem as big. He was escorting the soul of a little girl to the afterlife (heaven?? i suppose) but the ‘door’ was a being with a bright white flame instead of a face. It was really interesting

Over Sea, Under Stone by (Martin Johnson)
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Over Sea, Under Stone by (Martin Johnson)

(Source: R2--D2)

Night of 2-2-14

Dreamed that there were buildings with hexagonal panels on the floor that lowered and took you to a sort of separate dimensional space, vast and underground, made up of billions of small ever changing and building and rearranging silver plates (also hexagonal). There were giant columns and bright orange signs and stories-high display panels all made out of these plates, which floated and flew across the space as they built and moved and rebuilt. The panels you stood on would fly to another location in this space and rise back up, depositing you somewhere much further away in the upper world. But if you trespassed here a woman’s voice would chase you until you escaped or you were trapped there…. I think it belonged to a man who was using it for foul purposes, but I never figured out what, just that people were trying to stop him

Night of 8-30-14

Last night I had a dream that a pair of twins, a boy and a girl with near-white hair no more than ten years old, stole their parents’ car. It was an old car, like from the 20s, with a canvas roof and their little brother in the backseat. They were running away from home, I think, or just leaving it for a little while, and they’d parked it in the mountains.

The twins could do magic. They could do anything they wanted. They WERE magic. They created an entire castle, a manor house made of red and orange and white stone, nestled between the grey-blue hills, out of nothing. It sprang fully-formed from their minds, and they ran through it hand-in-hand.

They lived there alone and grew a giant guardian from the blue flowers that sprouted in the cracks of window-sill stone high above the ground. If anything broke, they made it whole. There were no other people in the entire dream.


Pond Steps | by Charlie Zhang.


Pond Steps | by .