Dream Log

Night of 7-15-14

I dreamed about a girl who talked to orcas.

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Night of 7-10-14

Last night I had a dream about a giant being with limp black hair and no face that lived inside a shed. It was hard to tell how big it was, 10 feet? 20? because it was curled up on itself until you couldn’t discern limbs, just its head through the windows at night. People would be drawn to the shed, people who had done bad things or wanted to do them, and break inside as if they couldn’t see the faceless head watching them. Then it would swallow them up. Sometime later it would spit the back up, but they would be changed; kinder and gentler and quieter. They would talk for a while before leaving again. The door was always shut behind them.


The stunning ‘Lake Plansee’ in Austria. Perfect for some summer ‘reflection’…View hotels nearby on our site, here.(image via puffin91.tumblr.com)
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The stunning ‘Lake Plansee’ in Austria. Perfect for some summer ‘reflection’…

View hotels nearby on our site, here.

(image via puffin91.tumblr.com)

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Night of 7-8-14

I dreamed that there was a tall hedge dividing the world of demons and spirits from the human world.

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Last night I had a dream for the first time where I was walking at night in a strange place and I was scared of being raped or mugged. It was a town like a lot of towns I dream about but I’ve never had that fear jump into dreams before where usually I’m scared of something that isn’t real. I’ve dreamed about that fear but usually in duller, less vivid ways, the everyday ‘filler’ dreams that I usually forget about. 

Night of 7-4-14

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Night of 7-3-14


Warning for descriptions of gore/death/body horror at the end

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Night of 6-27-14

I had a dream that I was living in a sheltered zone in the middle of a zombie apoc setting. The government had figured out this ‘cure’ to the endemic in the form of blue pills that they air dropped en masse all over populated areas. They carpeted the ground so that anyone could have access to them when they needed them; how they worked was that after chewing two of the pills, you would become essentially ‘invisible’ to the zombies and they wouldn’t attack you. But you had to keep taking them to maintain the effect.

In the dream I and my mom and a group of other people decided to try and make it to a reinforced safe zone, which could be accessed via a maze of underground tunnels built by the government to give people a way to get to safety by traveling underground. However, the danger was that you could easily get trapped by zombies, and there were no pills underground. You had to take them with you and risk it.

We’d made it almost to the end when we realized that we were being tracked by ‘sniffers’, zombies who would smell unimmune people and follow them. They didn’t attack, but other zombies followed them because they knew they’d lead them to prey. So we ran through the tunnels as fast as we could, not knowing who wasn’t taking pills.

Near the end we paused in one of the bathroom stations—one of the kids with us insisted on taking a shower and wouldn’t listen to us when we said we couldn’t wait, that he would get caught. The doors to the safe zone were right around the corner. My mom stayed with him to try and convince him to stop and come with us but I ended up having to drag her away and to safety before the zombies arrived. I guess the kid got eaten

it was a terribly anxious and scary dream, esp because my mom was in danger. I didn’t like it all